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Technical Information: Detailed Instructions

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Installing Microsoft NetMeeting 3.01.

Please follow these steps:

First read through all of the following steps, and print this page out if you feel it will help you. Then

Get NetMeeting! Download NetMeeting by clicking here.

When it asks you "Open [or run] this file from its current location" or "Save to disk", choose "Save this file from its current location". Remember where you save it on your computer!

When it has finished saving, find it again on your computer and double-click the file called nm301.exe . When it asks you if you want to install NetMeeting answer "Yes", then click on "Next" or "Finish" to all of the questions.

When this has finished, start NetMeeting. You can do this by going to "Start" (in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen), then "Programs". NetMeeting should appear in the list of programs on your computer.

    Finding NetMeeting on your computer

    (On some computers you may have to look in "Start" - "Programs" - "Accessories" - "Communications"). Click on the NetMeeting icon when you have found it. You will then see the following window:

You are then told what NetMeeting can do for you

Click on the "Next" button. You will then see the following window:

Enter your name and other details

Enter your name, e-mail address etc., and click on "Next". You will then see the following window:

All of these settings are fine!

Make sure that the "Log on to the directory server when NetMeeting starts" button is ticked, and into the server name field please enter . Then click on "Next". You will then see:

Set your correct modem speed

Choose the correct modem speed, and click "Next". You will then see:

Accepting these settings makes it easy for you to find NetMeeting

All of this is fine, so click "Next" again! You will then see:

Let NetMeeting set up your audio for you!

This tells you that NetMeeting will set up your audio for you. Please click "Next", even if you don't have audio - that's not a problem! The next screen you see will be:

NetMeeting detects your system components

NetMeeting will automatically find the best setting for you, so just click "Next" (the settings on your computer may look different than on the photo above.)

Click on "Test"

When you see this, first click on "Test". You should be able to hear music now. If you can't hear music, make sure your speakers are turned on and the volume is turned up. When you have heard the music, click "Stop":

Then click "Stop" when you have heard the music

After you have clicked "Stop", click "Next", and you will see:

Now it will set your microphone level

Now speak into your microphone; NetMeeting will set the correct microphone volume for you. Then click "Next". You will see:

And then you are finished and ready to use NetMeeting!

This means you are finished, and are now ready to use NetMeeting! Click on "Finish", and NetMeeting will start. You are now ready to call our reception! To call our reception, please click here. The reception is open 9am to 6pm UK time, Monday to Friday.

You can also now visit our lounge and chat with other students. Click here to join our lounge 24 hours a day.

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Firewall Issues * Frequently Asked Questions ]